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Anti-Phishing Volunteers & Associates (APVA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing awareness and education about cyber threats, phishing attacks, and other cybersecurity risks. Join our community of volunteers and associates to help protect against online threats.

APVA’s global partner network provides millions of URLs from various sources, without any filtering. APVA’s phishing and malware detection engine identifies active phishing URLs and extracts their metadata, such as the targeted brands (if applicable), network and geographic locations, as well as the phishing kits and drop accounts being used.

There are three options available for sharing URLs with us:

  • Via Email: You can send the URLs to a designated email address [email protected].
  • Via Form: You can use a report web form to submit the URLs.
  • By providing us with access to an endpoint that you control. We will periodically retrieve the URLs from you.

In case you think that a phishing/malware URL has been incorrectly identified by us and it’s not present in the feed, you can inform us by filling out a web form.


APVA is a website and web service (API) that provides information about phishing sites. It is not a software that runs on your computer. Although APVA does not endorse any particular security software, we support anything that aids in online protection. We share phishing and virus links with all the popular security vendors, but immediate flagging may not always be guaranteed. Therefore, it is always advisable to verify the authenticity of the links before downloading and entering personal information.


Yes, via API. Contact us if you need more.

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